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The 16 Seasons in the Colour Analysis

Colour analysis is based on the principle of “imitatio naturae,” which means an imitation of nature in Latin. In nature, there are four distinct seasons, each with its unique colors and characteristics. Here I apply this same principle to individuals, helping them discover their ideal color palette based on their season.

My system uses 16 seasons, which consist of a macro-season with four sub-seasons, each with its unique characteristics. By determining your season, you’ll gain valuable insights into the colors that best complement your skin tone, eye color, and hair color.

Knowing your season can help you make informed decisions when it comes to selecting makeup, hair color, accessories, and clothing. You’ll be able to shop more consciously and avoid spending money on items that don’t suit you or enhance your image.

Take a closer look behind the four initial pictures and explore the full range of 16 seasons. I am here to guide you through the process and help you discover your ideal color palette. 💜

Bright winter scene with northern lights

Smoky Deep Winter

Deep Winter

Frozen Winter

Bright Winter

Light spring with cherry blossoms by a river

Bright Spring

Warm Spring

Light Spring

Light Soft Spring

Summer lake with lavender fields

Soft Light Summer

Light Summer

Frozen Summer

Soft Deep Summer

Light Autumn forest with evening sun

Soft Light Autumn

Warm Autumn

Soft Deep Autumn

Deep Autumn

Yin&Yang: Style and Body Shape

beautiful curvy girl with blonde and light blue hair wearing a pink tulle flowy dress running in a green field with a happy smile

The concept of dualism of Yin and Yang is the foundation of everything in this world. This ancient philosophy teaches us that two seemingly opposite forces can actually be complementary, and interconnected, and create a beautiful balance in the universe. They cannot exist alone; they will always need their opposite.

We can think of Yin and Yang in many terms, such as dark and light, black and white, or even feminine and masculine. Since we are a product of nature, our appearance is also made up of a combination of attributes that can be classified as either Yin or Yang. It’s worth noting that this classification is not related to gender and gender-related terms are used for the sake of description.

Sometimes, we try to hide who we really are or present an image that does not reflect our personality. Other times, we copy a look that we see on someone else, only to realize later that it doesn’t suit us at all.

This personal styling service can help you identify your unique combination of Yin and Yang attributes, and understand your individual style. This awareness and understanding can be a powerful tool to increase your self-esteem and embrace your own beauty.

In today’s society, we often feel pressure to conform to certain image standards, forgetting about the beauty of uniqueness. By using Yin and Yang in combination with Colour Analysis, we can work together to enhance your image 360 degrees and provide you with the tools to make conscious fashion choices that truly reflect your personality

It’s important to note that this tool should not be used as a strict classification that puts you in a box. My goal is to find the right balance and create a style that makes you feel confident and happy with the way you look, helping you shop consciously and avoid buying items that don’t suit your looks.

Why you should book a colour and style consultation with me:
  • It’s the perfect gift for loved ones
  • It’s a wonderful activity to do with your best friend!
  • It’s a great way to learn how to shop more consciously and buy only items that make you look amazing!
  • It’s a fun self-care and self-discovery experience!

About me

I’m Francesca, the creator of Armochromeow. The name is a combination of “Armocromia,” which is the Italian term for color analysis, and “Meow,” because I’m an enthusiastic cat lover. Speaking of which, when you visit me for a consultation, you might be greeted (or blissfully ignored) by my adorable feline companions, Mochi and Kimchi. 🐈‍⬛
Originally from Italy, I now call Rotterdam, The Netherlands, home. I’ve had the fantastic opportunity to live and study in different countries like the Netherlands, Spain, Italy, Portugal, France, Sweden, and Ireland.
My background is in linguistics, which has given me an incredibly wide perspective on communication and working with all sorts of people from diverse cultural backgrounds.
Inclusivity lies at the core of everything I do, as I believe in creating a safe space where everyone feels valued. 💜
I worked in talent acquisition in the tech industry (SaaS) for over 10 years but I’ve always had a passion for fashion and beauty, and I’ve continued to study and refine my skills in those areas.
That’s what motivated me to create Armochromeow and combine both my passions, personal image, and career coaching with the goal to help others to shine and be confident! ✨
A few fun facts about me: while I’m a metalhead at heart, there’s a whimsical side of me that adores all things pink and unicorns. 🦄 I love art, music, food, and learning about different cultures. However, I really cannot stand coriander, I’m one of those people that finds it tastes like soap! Amongst my many passions, there are yoga, pilates, traveling, and tattooing!



Meet our team

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Image Consultant

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The Actual Boss

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My Lovely Assistant


When it comes to Colour Analysis and Personal Styling with Yin and Yang, I am proud to use the unique methodology created by Italian Image Consultant and published author Giusy De Gori. As my teacher, mentor, and the person who helped me bring Armochromeow to life, Giusy has been a great inspiration.

Giusy’s approach to image and styling is truly holistic. She takes into account your facial features, body shape, colour analysis, and Yin & Yang, as well as cultural background, ethnicity, and personality. Her method is flexible and can be tailored to each individual, recognizing and celebrating their uniqueness.

What sets Giusy’s approach apart is her interest in psychology. She goes beyond the surface level of personal image to help individuals find their internal peace, elevate their self-esteem and self-awareness, and align their external appearance with their inner selves.

With this methodology, you will gain all the tools you need to elevate your image and find the best balance between your personal preferences and your unique qualities.

image consultant giusy de gori wearing a white blazer