Full-Experience Personalised File

a white woman with lilac hair tied into a up hairdo with a braid, lilac long earrings, pink eyeshadow and pink lipstick, her eyes are closed and she is wearing a big lilac tulle dress

If you want a personalised file after your Full-Experience, you can choose to get one for additional 500 euro.
This file will contain two parts, the Colour Analysis one and the Yin&Yang one.
In this file you will find the following:

Click here to discover what you will find in the Colour Analysis personalised file!

🌸 Detailed explanation of your season
🌸 In case you find yourself between two seasons, an additional explanation of your secondary season, providing insights into how it complements your primary season.
🌸 Detailed explanation regarding how Yin and Yang on your face influence your season
🌸 Your personal color palette, carefully curated to showcase the shades that harmonize with your season and enhance your overall appearance. Additionally, you’ll receive an explanation of your “Powerful” colors, guiding you on incorporating standout shades into your wardrobe.
🌸 How to implement colours outside of your season and personal colour palette keeping into consideration your personal preferences
🌸 What type of textures and finish will suit you most (in relation to face, makeup, and/or hair)
🌸 A curated list of celebrities that share your personal season
🌸 If applicable, a list of makeup products that will suit your season (based on your budget, preferences, and accessibility)
🌸 Additional considerations and topics covered during the consultation

Click here to discover what you will find in the Yin & Yang personalised file!

🌸 Detailed information about the concepts of Yin and Yang for personal image, helping you understand their significance and how they relate to your unique style.

🌸 A thorough explanation of your very own Yin and Yang and your personal style typology, providing insights into the characteristics that define your individual image.

🌸 In-depth information about clothing concepts, including models, textures, patterns, finishes, and lengths that best suit you and enhance your overall image. This guidance will help you make informed choices when selecting outfits.

🌸 Additional information on different styles and outfits that may not align with your Yin and Yang, but that you’re drawn to and would like to incorporate into your wardrobe. You’ll receive guidance on how to implement them effectively to suit your features and personal style.

🌸 Information about suitable makeup and hairstyles that complement your personal style, if applicable.

🌸 A guide on the best accessories that harmonize with your Yin and Yang, along with suggestions on how to incorporate them into your look to elevate your style.

🌸 Advice on the best types of shoes and footwear to complement your personal style.

🌸 Tips on how to recognize if an outfit will suit your Yin and Yang when you see it on a model, mannequin, or in a shop, helping you make confident decisions while shopping.

🌸 Information about lingerie, swimwear, loungewear, and other occasion-specific outfits that will enhance your personal image, ensuring you look and feel your best in various settings.
🌸 A curated list of celebrities that share your Yin & Yang.

🌸 Any other topics or considerations discussed during the consultation, covering a range of relevant aspects to provide comprehensive guidance tailored to your needs.

The files will be PDF and will be sent to you within two weeks of the consultation.