Online Colour Analysis Consultation

Color analysis is a wonderful way to discover your season and determine which colors can truly enhance your image. Our conversation won’t focus on simply “good colors vs bad colors,” but will dig deeper into how colors make you feel and how we can incorporate shades you love, even if they’re not part of your season’s palette.

🌸 have good natural light (no artificial one)
🌸 have a strong enough internet connection to have a video call
🌸 no makeup, no fake tan, etc.
🌸 have a picture of yourself as a child and other photos with different hair colours/styles
🌸 have prepared the clothes, drapes, fabrics, or anything you need in all the different colours to perform the analysis. If don’t want to use your clothes and you prefer to use drapes, you can buy a cheap set of drapes.
🌸 have the lipsticks needed for the analysis ready (if applicable)
🌸 have your favourite makeup pieces and clothes available

What we will do:
🌻 we will get to know each other, understand what brings you here, your favourite colours, and what emotions these colours give you
🌻 you will try on different colours to see how they react on your skin
🌻 we will assess your facial features to identify Yin and Yang on your face and understand the best textures and shapes to enhance your looks
🌻 we will have a review of your pieces of clothes to see which ones match your season and how they can be used to their full potential
🌻 I will coach you to ensure you will be able to identify your colours independently
🌻 you will try on different lipsticks to see how they react on your skin
🌻 you will receive personalised advice and a basic file regarding your season. You will also be allowed to record the session and take notes