Personal Shopping Session [in person only]

a readhead white woman with a peach pink background, pink eyeshadow, green eyes and rhinestones on her face wearing a pink tshirt with three colorful hearts and pink star shaped sun glasses on her head while holding a rainbow glitter purse in front of her face covering her mouth and nose

Do you want to go shopping for new outfits but wish you had someone by your side to provide guidance and support? Look no further – a personal shopping session is the perfect solution for you! 🛍️
Or perhaps the thought of shopping for new clothes feels overwhelming, and you’re seeking someone who can provide support, making the experience as smooth and stress-free as possible. 🍀

Join me on an enjoyable shopping adventure where we’ll explore various stores and uncover the best outfits that enhance your unique style. Together, we’ll handpick the perfect pieces that make you feel confident and comfortable! 💃🏻

To ensure an exceptional experience, I recommend booking a personal shopping session after you’ve completed a color analysis and a yin and yang analysis, or even better, both! Understanding your season and style will elevate your shopping journey and make it even more valuable. By knowing your season and personal style, you’ll end up saving money on your purchases because you will have gained awareness regarding what elevates your looks the most!☀️

This service is exclusively available in Rotterdam or within a one-hour radius of Rotterdam city center by public transportation. We’ll plan our session in advance (including the number of hours), selecting the ideal time (usually mornings or early afternoons during the week) to avoid busy crowds and provide you with the attention you deserve.

Please note that any transportation costs incurred for my attendance will be covered by you. Prior to our appointment, we’ll calculate and discuss these costs, which will be added to the final price. It’s also important to mention that the expenses related to the items you choose to purchase are not included in the session price.

Get ready to enjoy a personalized and memorable shopping session tailored just for you! 🌟

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