Yin & Yang, Style and Body Shape Consultation

stylish asian woman with many colorful hair clips on her hair eating a lollipop while winking and wearing a white shirt with funny blue t-rex prints and a yellow background

Discovering your Yin and Yang is an excellent way to identify your personal style based on your unique body shape, all while breaking free from the societal rules that dictate our appearance. If you’ve ever tried on clothes in a shop and realized they didn’t flatter you, it’s not because there’s something wrong with you. It simply means those clothes weren’t aligned with your Yin and Yang.

Through this analysis, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of which models, styles, textures and patterns truly suit you. You will learn how to avoid wasting money on clothes, accessories, and makeup that you’ll never wear again.

I highly recommend combining Yin and Yang with a color analysis as they go hand in hand and can mutually influence each other. This will give you a more comprehensive understanding of how to enhance your appearance and achieve a harmonious look. For this, I recommend you to look at the Full-Experience Package.

🌸 show up clean and showered
🌸 no makeup, no fake tan, etc
🌸 have a picture of yourself when you were a child and other photos with different hair colours/styles (if applicable)
🌸 have pictures of your favourite clothes and accessories (or bring them with you if you like)
🌸 have a picture of yourself standing and wearing a bikini/swimsuit

What we will do:
🌻 we will get to know each other, and understand the reasons behind your consultation, what you want to achieve, what message you want to send with your image, and the type of approach you want me to take
🌻 we will go to a local shop in Rotterdam Centrum where you will try on different outfits and models of clothes
🌻 we will be looking at your body shape and how clothes can enhance it, identifying what models, textures, patterns, finishes and tones make you shine
🌻 we will look at your facial features and how their Yin and Yang can influence your personal style
🌻 you will receive personalised advice and a basic file regarding your style. You will also be allowed to record the session and take notes