I don’t like my season: what do I do?

You finally get to know your season and you realise that you don’t like those colours.

Trust me, that happens more than what you think!

Some of us, even without knowing our season, can easily understand what colours look good – you may not know why or how you just feel more comfortable and prettier with them.

It could be a matter of personal taste, connection, energy, psychology…

You may be familiar with the fact that colours can have a different meaning and can represent certain feelings or characteristics. Often our like or dislike of a certain colour might be subconscious so if we try to understand the root of what makes us feel in a certain way about that colour we may be able to get over the dislike of it.
We will talk about the psychology of colours more in-depth in a different article 😊

Now, let’s refocus: what do you do when you don’t like your colour palette?

First of all, a good image consultant and colour analyst will make sure to keep in mind your colour palette and your personal taste, and will try to implement it to help you create a perfect balance; in order to do that, you may want to work also on your Style and Yin&Yang because it will definitely help understand your image more in-depth.

Let me give you a practical example: myself.

I’m a Frozen Winter, so the coldest season and maybe one of the most dramatic ones. From a colour palette perspective, I look good with vivid and cold colours, total black, pure white, vivid purple… any trace of warmth or pastel colours will make me look older, tired or “washed out”, or even worse – cheap and trashy!
This is me 8 years ago, having no clue about what colours looked good on me and deciding to wear a salmon pink outfit with a salmon pink lipstick and salmon pink blush because “it looked summery” 😅

As you can see, I looked incredibly trashy: now you may like this colour (I love it personally) but the first thought that should come to your mind when you see this photo of mine is that I’m ready for the next season of Geordie Shore 🤣

So, what do I do if I want to wear salmon pink? Should I give it up forever?

I could wear a pair of trousers of this colour, or a belt on a total black dress, or a black dress with a floral pattern with this colour… there are many options! It may not be optimal from a colour analysis perspective alone but if combined with our Yin&Yang balance and our style, every colour can be worn!

For example, look at this outfit (Clearly this person is not me – credit goes to Gabymp -. Unfortunately, I don’t own any outfit of these colours):

Because of my Yin&Yang, I would look great in it! I have a Yin base and an hourglass figure, and this would enhance it perfectly. You can see that on the top I would keep some black (to be faithful to my season and keep the contrast, value and temperature in mind) but the skirt would be salmon pink. As I said, not perfect from a seasonal colour analysis perspective alone, but with the Yin&Yang analysis combined, I’m able to implement also colours outside of my colour palette in a smart way.
If I decided to wear this, I would make sure that my makeup fits my season perfectly, in order to balance things out. If I feel adventurous, may even be able to add some salmon pink to my makeup as well, but it needs to be done smartly and not like I just had a dive in that colour like in my previous trashy photo. 🤣

I noticed by writing this article that a lot of questions about other topics may have come out (psychology of colours, Yin&Yang, Body Shape, Makeup with colours outside of your palette…). No worries, we will cover them, so stay tuned for that!

I hope you enjoyed this post and that it helped you understand that your season should not be a cage. 💜


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