Why does the Yin & Yang Consultation require so much time and effort?

Analysing one’s Yin & Yang is not easy: I’m not simply looking at your body shape, I could do that easily and assign you a style based on that. It would be faster and easier for both sides, but it wouldn’t be special and accurate; everyone is so unique, and simply looking at body shape, size, and other numerical parameters won’t bring us anywhere. Actually, if you see an image consultant working like this run away because you’re wasting your money.

The best way to look at Yin & Yang is by seeing how different models of clothing, patterns, finishes, lengths, and even colour combinations suit you, and in order to do that we need to go to a store or at your place (depending on your clothing selection) to see how all different clothes look on you.

Of course, we’ll look at your body shape as well because we want to enhance it but it won’t be the only parameter: your body shape could be Yin but then when we look at patterns or colours or even some models then we may realise that you need more Yang. Also which Yin? And which Yang? And for what exactly?
Because we’re all so different and diverse, the combinations are infinite and our style will be unique to each of us.

I had a customer that I was so sure had an Innocence base, which is Yin – and I thought she had another Yang element, most likely Power. After going to Zara and letting her try different combinations we realised that her base was totally Yang, she was a Wild Power with a tiny bit of Innocence because she needed to highlight the waist.
But the Yin was just that, the highlighted waist. Nothing else. Her patterns, models, finishes, lengths, etc… were fully Yang. It was the total opposite of what it looked like by looking at her body shape only.
We spent 3 hours coming to this realisation and the process was a lot of fun! In the meantime, I learned a lot with her and she found out so many new things about herself 💖
We got to know each other more, we found a lot of things in common and we developed a beautiful relationship that turned into a friendship. 🌱

If I only looked at her body shape I would have assigned her an Innocence base, with a lot of lace, flowers, and ruffles and she would have thrown all those clothes at my face because they looked bad on her. 😅
I want all my customers to be happy, and love their style. It’s also important to look at personal taste because what if your body shape doesn’t match the type of Yin & Yang you like? In that case we need to work together to make sure we develop a style that suits you and makes you happy. What if you have a strong Power base and you would look great with minimalistic and edgy looks but you actually love a more baroque style with corsets, ruffles, and flowers? Then I need to help you achieve your ideal style and I cannot do it by simply looking at your body.

So, in order to have as many options as possible when it comes to clothing and accessories, I like to go to a local store where you can try them on and I can see how they fit you.
Alternatively, if you already possess all the different clothing pieces, we could do it at your home (be it online or in person close to me) so not only you get your Yin & Yang analysis, but you also get a mini wardrobe review.
Some asked me why I don’t buy a few clothes for people to try at my place, and well, it’s simple:

  • It’s impossible to have everything in every size: then my prices should increase too much because I buy so many things
  • It’s not sustainable: it’s a bit of a waste to own so many things that are used only for this purpose
  • It will never be enough: no matter how many things I buy, there will always be something missing or the size won’t be right
  • Trends change constantly and in order to keep up to date I would need to get rid of some of these clothes, buy new ones and it’s just so much of a waste in terms of time, money, energy, space…
  • It’s very normal for image consultants to work in stores and with people’s wardrobes

So the bottom line is: while it’s time and energy-consuming on both sides it’s a great and fun experience to learn a lot, I had nobody so far that regretted it, everyone felt it was a great way to learn more about themselves, save money on clothes that they’d never wear and be really happy to play with their unique style and finally feel confident and happy with their image.
Don’t be discouraged by the effort that it takes, I promise it will be a great and valuable experience that you will enjoy it a lot! 🌸

To make it easier for some of you, I also give the option to do the Full-Experience package on two separate days, one day Yin & Yang and one day Colour Analysis. 😊

Do you want to book your Yin & Yang or, even better a Full-Experience package?
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